Multi-modal interventions for at risk youth

Acting Up


Searching for mental/emotional support but don’t know where to find it? Perhaps you do know, but its too costly? Join us in this virtual roadshow, where different organizations come together to provide sharings, information and support for those in need. Come learn, discover and sign up for affordable mental health support. The participating organizations:

Acting Up
Insight, Care Corner
Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)
Fei Yue Community Mental Health
Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH)

“Sometimes we get lost in the deep and endless forest that is part of life. With darkness all around, we can’t help but feel alone. But hope is not all gone. There are these organisations, the hot air balloons over this vast expanse, scouring for those who are lost, and helping them get to a better place. Here, we wish to give you that boost, above the foliage, and swing you onto the balloons and, hopefully, bring about change for the better. In these uncertain times, we must believe things can change and improve” 
– Pu Ying Hao
Artist of event artwork, youth volunteer and beneficiary of Acting Up

the premiere social enterprise for the engagement of at risk youth

Acting Up provides therapeutic intervention for emotionally vulnerable youth who are or at risk of engaging in harmful, maladaptive coping behaviours; with a focus on prevention

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